Terms and Conditions

Thornwood Fireplaces Terms of Business

All quotations and contracts of sale /installation made by us (Thornwood Fireplaces), shall be deemed to incorporate the following terms and conditions. No other agreement, reservation, promise, undertaking or understanding of any kind either verbal or otherwise shall form part of or alter, vary, supersede or operate as a waiver to the stated terms of business unless expressly made or accepted by a Thornwood Fireplaces Director in writing.

These terms and conditions shall form a contract between us (Thornwood Fireplaces) acting as the supplier and you (The Client) acting as the recipient.

1) Contract of Sale

a) A 50% deposit of the full Invoice value is payable on proceeding with the order. Deposits will be refundable in full, should you (The Client) decide that you do not wish to proceed with the sale, only if goods have not already been ordered. If goods (or part thereof) have been ordered / delivered, the client will bear the restocking charge, delivery charge, courier charge and any other related charges that are incurred due to the item being returned to the supplier.
The balance due on the supply of products ordered will become payable within 48 working hours prior to the installation date.
Installation costs are payable on the day of completion on the fitting.  We (Thornwood Fireplaces) reserve the right to request full payment in advance of installation at our sole discretion.

b) The products you have chosen will be ordered in for you (The Client) exclusively to suit your particular requirements, upon receipt of your deposit.

c) As with all natural materials such as real timber, limestone, marble, slate and granite, minor markings or unusual grain patterns may be present. These are not defects but part of the natural character of the material.

d) It is important that you (The Client) check all sizes detailed on the sales invoice to insure they are correct.  If the sizes are incorrect it is your (The Clients) responsibility to inform Thornwood Fireplaces prior to the fireplace/accessories being ordered.

e)  All items manufactured by others and supplied to Thornwood Fireplaces and then passed or sold to the client will be covered by the relevant manufacture’s general guarantee (slate, limestone, marble and granite, being natural products, do not carry any form of guarantee.

f) It is your (The Clients) sole responsibly to ensure that all required preparation work is conducted prior to installation of the new fireplace/appliance, including ensuring the stability of the chimney stacks.

g) It is your (The Clients) sole responsibly to ensure that chimneys are swept and inspected prior to installation of any appliance by a competent person/persons and to the National Association of Chimney Sweeps Code of Practise Amended & Approved 1999 Standard, unless discussed prior and included in the stated works to be undertaken by Thornwood Fireplaces.

2) Installation

a) We (Thornwood Fireplaces) reserve the right to change fitting dates to accommodate situations out of our control.
b) You (The Client) will ensure reasonable access to the property to ensure installation within a mutually agreed time period.
c) You (The Client) should take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and security of any furnishings, carpets, sofas etc. against any disruption caused by the installation. We (Thornwood Fireplaces) will not be held responsible for any damage to your (The Client’s) property that is not secured, removed or made safe from any works conducted.
d) We (Thornwood Fireplaces) will not be held responsible for any decoration being disturbed, marked or damaged during the installation or works carried out.
e) We will not be held responsible for fitting any carpets/flooring before or after the installation of the fireplace Skirting boards should be removed prior to our installation and refitted by a competent tradesman after the installation is complete.
f) In the event of any unforeseen problems arising, either structural and/or other on the removal of any existing fireplace, opening of a chamber or other instructed works, we (Thornwood Fireplaces) reserve the right to quote for any addition works required to complete the original installation of products. You (The Client) are completely free to obtain quotations for this work from any other third party source, individual or companies, at your discretion. All work arrangements and actions carried out by the third party will be solely their responsibility and under no circumstances will we (Thornwood Fireplaces) be responsible for any work undertaken or damage caused by them.
g) In the case of unforeseen problems, you (The Client) remain wholly responsible for full payment of the outstanding balance on installation of the goods as stated in the Invoice, irrespective of any other work undertaken by third parties.
h) If, on the day of installation it becomes clear that the Chimney stack is inaccessible, you (the Client) agree to pay for the cost of the erection of scaffolding so that the stack may be safely accessed for liner works.)
i) You (The Client) remain responsible for the disposal of any refuse or debris resulting from works conducted by Thornwood Fireplaces unless payment of a sum of the £60.00 is included in the Invoice  for removal of any said items.  We (Thornwood Fireplaces) will not under any circumstances remove waste that has resulted from any third parties working at the premises or that have not resulted from works undertaken by Thornwood Fireplaces.

3) Post Installation

a) Payment of the full balance will be made by you (the Client) upon completion of installation.
b) Thornwood Fireplaces will charge £25.00 for every cheque returned by the bank for insufficient funds.
c) If any legal action is brought by us (Thornwood Fireplaces) to collect monies, you (The Client) will be liable to pay the full outstanding balance plus interest, at the rate of two per cent (2%) above base rate per month plus any expenses incurred during collection of monies owed.
d) It is solely your (The Client’s) responsibility to ensure that the appliance installed receives regular maintenance as per the product’s instruction manual.