Gazco Contemporary Gas Stoves

Gazco Contemporary Gas Stoves
A gas stove need not be traditional in form. Sleek and shining exteriors in glass or stainless steel and additional enamelled flue pipe may all be combined to give a thoroughly contemporary look, complete with clean lines and simple, sophisticated style. Some stoves also come with the option of a pedestal or a specially manufactured stove bench to raise the appliance, giving excellent views of the flames and fuel effects as well as a visual impact for your room. Compliment your fire with a Programmable Thermostatic remote control. Available in Conventional flue and Balanced Flue Models.

Gazco Riva Vision Gas Stoves come in SmallMidi and Medium and Large. There is a choice of either a realistic log or contemporary white stone fuel effect.  The log-effect models can be styled even further with a choice of the timeless black reeded, the elegant black glass or the lighter vermiculite linings.

Gazco Vogue Midi and Midline Gas Stoves feature a highly realistic log bed and a polished black glass lining that provides a stunning, multi-sided reflection of the flames. Designed with the very latest gas fire technology, these cutting edge stoves provide an ample 4.4kW of heat at 80% efficiency.

Gazco Steel Manhattan Gas Stoves in Small or Medium offer you even more opportunities to co-ordinate with today’s more modern décors, room sizes and furnishings. Aavailable in a choice of two finishes – Anthracite or Brushed Stainless Steel. Whichever way you look at the Steel Manhattan, as a piece of furniture or as a heating appliance, this precision-engineered gas stove provides an outstanding focal point for any room. The striking steel design is complemented by a matt black cast iron top grille that convects the heat into the room.

Gazco Studio 1 and 2 Freestanding models represent the ultimate in gas fire design, blending geometric angles with sweeping curves to create a strikingly contemporary centre piece for your home. Offering a breathtaking view of the rolling flames, they incorporate the same high efficiency firebox technology as their Studio inset equivalents, as well as the wide range of Studio fuel bed and firebox lining options. These large format fires are available with a choice of smoothly curving bench or plinth mounting options, each echoing the fire’s distinctive design and are offered in either White or Black finishes.

Gazco Riva2 F670 Gas Stoves. Offered in a stylish Graphite steel front, or Glass front. The F670 is ideal for corner installations due to its subtly tapered shape. This tapering is also echoed in the specifically designed, geometric Apex stand that elevates the fire for a truly unique designer statement. These cutting edge gas stoves are capable of producing up to 5.60kW of heat, with an outstanding 82% efficiency, all with the ultimate ease of use thanks to its Programmable Thermostatic handset.