DRU Global Conventional Flue Gas Fires

DRU GLOBAL CONVENTIONAL FLUE GAS FIRES  make full use of your home’s chimney to produce realistic flames, generous warmth and safe levels of emissions. Global gas fires have been developed by DRU as affordable alternatives to its high end, designer gas fires in 4 sizes, the 40, 55, 55XT and 70XT.
Global gas fires benefit from premium DRU build quality and high standards of engineering that make them far superior to ordinary gas fires.

Interior finishes – Global fires have an authentic log fire bed and interior linings in a choice of black or mirrored Ceraglass, which produces a dramatic ‘infinity’ flame effect.
Outer frames – Global fires can be installed as a simple ‘hole-in-the-wall’ gas fire with a choice of some custom-designed outer frames, completing its seamless elegance.
Remote control – Like all DRU gas fires, Global CF fires are equipped with a useful electronic remote control with a room temperature display. This puts you in full control of the heat output and height of flames so you can experience your gas fire exactly how you like.
Simple yet striking, Global CF is for lovers of contemporary gas fires.