Capital Gas Stoves

CAPITAL GAS STOVES give a beautiful. lazy dancing flame pattern that emulates that of a traditional wood burning stove but with the added features of being clean, odourless, efficient and easy to use.

CURVATION GAS STOVES. A range of round bodied balanced flue gas stoves, available in tall, pedestal and midi options, featuring a large curved glass window and additional side windows, which gives you a more pleasing panoramic view of the fire. Top flue exit. Natural gas or LPG. Thermostatic remote control. You can also control the flame picture of the stove by the simple touch of a button, turning the flames from the highest setting to the lowest. The CURVATION gas stoves have an extremely high efficiency, testing up to 83%. Our technology gives you a superior depth and height of flame, plus our Eco-Flame feature allows the flame to alternate from the back to the front, giving a dancing depth of flame that uses 50% less gas.

Designed with the latest gas burning efficiency technology, which is inherently safe, delivers a beautiful flame pattern with glowing embers within an attractive looking stove which will be the key feature in any room. They are fully controllable from 2 kW up to 5.5 kW allowing you to warm your room quickly from cold and then thermostatically reduce to whatever temperature you wish the room to remain at.

Manufactured with a twin wall steel body, allowing the stove to produce radiant and convectional heat giving excellent distribution to any room. They also feature all-around vision, with the double glazed windows, giving you excellent vision of the flame from wherever you sit within the room. 10 Year warranty.

SIESTA TALL GAS STOVES have all the same features and options as the CURVATION range, but with a slimmer design with flat sides and back.

VEGA B7 BALANCED FLUE GAS STOVE manufactured with high quality cast iron and utilising an efficient, remote controlled gas engine. High definition ceramic lots provide the perfect finish for a truly authentic look. Up to 5.4kW output. Up and out flue kit.

TRADITIONAL GAS STOVE with  a realistic log fuel bed, optional remote control and for a Conventional Flue. Ideal for small/medium rooms and fireplaces.