Barbas Box Wood Burning Stoves

BARBAS BOX WOOD BURNING STOVES. The coolest fireplace ever. It’s sleek, it’s minimalistic, it’s hot. A design object that fits in every interior.

You make BOX the way you want it: you can choose from 10 different formats, with or without log store. In addition to the many combination options, BOX is always ordered with its own chimney in the exact same colour as BOX itself. The chimney is up to 1.95 metres long and contains no interruptions. Designed and made from robust 8 mm thick steel.

BOX has a unique combustion concept allowing you to get through an entire evening with a few wooden blocks. BOX isn’t difficult. A single control controls the fire and the 8 millimetre thick steel design ensures the area becomes comfortably warm. BOX allows you to always enjoy the nicest fire.

Engineered with attention and precision and finished in every detail by our own specialists. Box has a concrete ceramic interior. A durable and qualitative material that also makes BOX beautiful within.  The concrete ceramics ensures the best combustion properties, so the yield is high and emissions are low. The accumulating inner lining ensures optimal delivery of heat to the combustion chamber. Along with secondary combustion, this ensures BOX does what it should do: making beautiful fire.

The BOX can optionally be supplied as a multi-fuel appliance with the exception of the BOX 43. This option is only available in the UK. This version of the fireplace has a specially designed grate with an extra deep ashtray, a raised log retainer and an adapted burning floor. So for instance, when stoking coal, this does justice to the balanced combustion technology, so that you can enjoy a trouble-free and pleasant burning fire.