Detailed Description:

Lapitec® is a “full body” sintered stone product designed and developed in Italy and the perfect example of the style and quality appeal of an architecture that is made in Italy.

Lapitec® is an innovative material which combines and blends design appeal with the superior mechanical and physical properties, far better than any porcelain product available on the market.

Lapitec® combines the strength of ceramic with the properties, elegance, natural colours and the typical finishes of natural stone enhancing or blending naturally into any surroundings pfizer viagra commande.

Lapitec® is supplied in 150 x 340 cm slabs with a thickness of 12 mm, 20 and 30 mm.

Lapitec® is produced using carefully selected ceramic materials which are then processed using technology, machinery and a know-how exclusively developed by Breton S.p.A (world leader in machines and plants for the stone and engineered natural stone industry).

The various surface finishes of Lapitec® slabs are achieved by combining one or more production processes in this way offering a different end result and friction coefficient making this product ideal for whatever furnishing and architectural context and application without altering, in any way, its excellent physical and mechanical properties.

Its specific weight of 2,4 kg/dm3 makes Lapitec® the lightest cladding product compared with the excellent machanical proprieties it offers. For further technical details, refer to the various specifications for the various collections.

Lapitec® is available in a choice of plain colours or with veining in a range of surface finishes.

Lapitec® is an “eternal” product which lasts the effects of time and weather, it is resistant to acids, bases and solvents, it is hard wearing, impact resistant, non-flammable, thaw and frost resistant and insensitive to UV rays.

The Lapitec® surfaces are pore free, hence they do not absorb and are therefore stain free, hygienic and easy to clean, whilst being bacteria and mould repellent.